Phoebe C. submitted an essay about the environment to The Tuition Contest. 



Phoebe C. attends Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, England, and is planning to attend NYU next year.


Her goal is to earn a Bachelor of Arts in GlobalI in Global Liberal Studies with a focus on Sustainability, Health and the Environment.


Though she lives in the UK, Phoebe was actually born in Flagstaff, Arizona! Her family moved back and forth between the USA and the UK and she told The Tuition Contest that she always felt like she was split between those two ives.


"I was exposed to two completely different worlds," said Phoebe. "The Mexican-influenced culture of southern Arizona and the conservative British culture of Cambridge."


An ardent environmentalist, Phoebe has been fascinated by how we all become different people wherever we are at the time.


"I grew up to become intensely curious about my surroundings and the people in society," she added. "I learned to love to travel and wanted to know more about this world we live in."


We're glad that Phoebe submitted an essay to The Tuition Contest because she exemplifies the type of person who will truly benefit from and appreciate a scholarship grant. 


"I hope that I can positively influence society in a way which moves us towards progressive social change and development," said Phoebe. "I find humanity fascinating and believe there are great things in store for us if we only open our hearts to cooperation."


Good luck, Phoebe!

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